Upper Trinity
Regional Water District

900 North Kealy Street
P.O. Box 305
Lewisville, Texas 75067
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Board of Directors

Upper Trinity Regional Water District is a regional, non-profit government agency created by the State of Texas to provide towns, cities, and utilities with regional water services, including a safe, reliable, long-term water supply. The District is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the governing bodies of Denton County and member entities. The County appoints two Directors and each member appoints one Director. Each Director is appointed for a four-year term.

Officers of the Board
Kevin Mercer
Rich Lubke
Vice President
Ramiro Lopez
Mike Fairfield


Larry N. Patterson
Larry N. Patterson, P.E.
 Executive Director

Appointed Directors

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Troy NortonTroy Norton is a native Texan and a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. Troy has been employed by the Town of Argyle since 1998, now serving as Director of Public Works and overseeing Streets, Wastewater, Drainage, Environmental Services, Code Enforcement, Grounds and Facilities Maintenance. Troy was appointed to the Upper Trinity Board of Directors in January 2015. For wastewater treatment, Argyle has contracts with the City of Denton and Trinity River Authority, and Troy represents the Town on the Authority’s Advisory Committee. Troy and wife Susan have two daughters and two grandsons; they enjoy traveling, visiting National and State Parks, especially camping and hiking. , Town of Argyle
Richard A. Lubke Richard Lubke has served on the Board of Directors since July 1994. Rich is a businessman; he was CEO of Handyman Hardware Stores, and has held other corporate executive positions. He is an active community leader, serving two terms on the Highland Village City Council and over 10 years as a volunteer fire fighter. A past president of the Upper Trinity Board, Rich currently serves on Board Committees for Rates and Charges, and for Water Supply. Much of his time is devoted to missionary work through his church where he serves as a lay minister. To get Rich’s undivided attention, just invite him to a round of golf at Pebble Beach. , City of Highland Village
Brian Roberson Brian Roberson , City of Aubrey
Ramiro Lopez Ramiro Lopez was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2009 by the City of Irving, where he is the Public Works Team Director. Ramiro has direct responsibility for City departments that provide for Water Utilities, Transportation, and Solid Waste Services - - plus he coordinates Regional Initiatives, including Water, Transportation, and the Environment. In addition, he oversees Fleet and Fuel Operations and Purchasing. Ramiro's extensive experience in municipal operations has prepared him well for his current duties. His distinguished career in public service spans more than 35 years, including Public Works, Housing, Fire, Code Compliance, Equipment, and Building Services. He also helped create the Environmental Quality Department for the City of Dallas and served as its first Director. Ramiro enjoys spending time with his grandchildren; and his favorite therapy is working on cars and perfecting his carpentry skills. , City of Irving
Del Knowler Del Knowler first served on the Upper Trinity water Board from 1998 to 2000. Then, he took a 12-year break to get more involved in Bartonville town activities - - after which he was reappointed to the Board by the Town Council in August 2013. Del enjoys working with Citizens United for a Rural Environment (CURE) to help inform and educate citizens about town activities. Del also is a strong advocate for the cooperative regional approach for water - - to assure a reliable water supply for all communities. Del is an Iowa native. After attending Iowa State, he served thirteen years on active duty in the Air Force. Then he had a distinguished career in the private sector, primarily in the field of computer maintenance, training personnel, providing computer services and in publishing. Now retired, Del enjoys restoring antique cars - - and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. , Town of Bartonville
Virginia Blevins Virginia Blevins has been a Board Member since June 2003, served two terms as an Officer of the Board, and currently chairs the Finance and Investment Committee. She has extensive experience as a legal assistant and comptroller in the private sector. Virginia is the Assistant City Administrator / City Secretary for the City of Justin. She is active in civic affairs and participates in leadership roles for the Chamber of Commerce, Northwest Communities Partnership, Justin Civic Foundation and the Economic Development Corporation. Virginia holds a Bachelor of Science in Government from Texas Woman’s University, and is a strong advocate of regional cooperation as the key to development of adequate water supplies to support the growing economy of the Denton County area. , City of Justin
James Burnham James Burnham , City of Celina
Gary Calmes Gary Calmes was appointed to the Board by the City of Krum in 2009 shortly after moving to the City. Gary is a CPA and CFP®, an entrepreneur providing tax and investment services to the public. Prior to entering private practice, he was the Controller and Utilities Financial Administrator for the City of Denton where he came to appreciate the need for long-term water planning in the region. Gary applies his professional skills as a Member of the Board, serving on both the Personnel Committee and the Finance and Investment Committee. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University and is a long time resident of Denton County. In his spare time, Gary enjoys spending time with his bride and three young children. , City of Krum
Mark PapeMark Pape , Town of Copper Canyon
Mike Fairfield Mike Fairfield is General Manager of Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority (LCMUA) and was appointed to the Board of Directors by the LCMUA Board in December 2009. Mike has over 30 years experience in the water/wastewater field, beginning in Arkansas where he was water/wastewater foreman for a two-county regional water system. However, he got to Texas as soon as he could, serving ably at the City of Corinth and progressing through the ranks. After 20 years with the City of Corinth, Mike retired as the Public Works Director in 2006. With his fine record of public service at Corinth, he was appointed Assistant General Manager of LCMUA and later promoted to General Manager in 2009. Mike is active in North Texas Water Utility Association and enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family. , Lake Ciites Municipal Utility Authority
Bob HartBob Hart , City of Corinth
Eric Ferris Eric Ferris , City of Lewisville
Timothy S. Fisher Timothy Fisher is the Assistant Director of Water Utilities for City of Denton and currently serves as President of the Board of Directors. Tim has over twenty years of progressive utility and engineering responsibilities at Denton, and previously practiced engineering as a consultant in the private sector. Tim has the distinction of serving all three entities in the lineage of Upper Trinity: (1) on the Steering Committee that developed the plan for, and gained legislative approval for, creation of Upper Trinity, (2) on the Board for the interim agency that functioned until formation of Upper Trinity, and (3) on the current Board of Directors for the regional water district created in 1989. Tim holds both Bachelor and Master Degrees in Civil / Environmental Engineering from University of Iowa. For relaxation, Tim enjoys fishing, bluegrass music festivals and playing the mandolin. , City of Denton
Chris Boyd Chris Boyd is General Manager of Mustang Special Utility District, and was first appointed to the Board in 2002, where he now serves as an Officer. He has broad experience in managing public utility services, city management, and public safety. He served as a US Army Officer in Armor and Civil Affairs. His education includes a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and Master of Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Dallas. In his spare time, he enjoys being a football referee for high school games, and flying his airplane., Mustang SUD
Johnny Harris Johnny Harris, before his retirement as General Manager of Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority, served on the Board of Directors for 20 years. Johnny is highly regarded by his peers and was elected President of the Board. He continues as a Director, having recently been appointed by Denton County. Johnny is an avid supporter of Upper Trinity’s regional programs and serves as Chairman of the Committee for Rates and Charges. Johnny hails from Merkel, Texas from whence he ran away from cotton farming; he ran so fast that he was given a track scholarship in college. Then he worked for the FBI for six years chasing the bad guys. He and Kitty live in Lake Dallas and have one daughter and one grandson. , Denton County
Lyle Dresher Lyle Dresher, Town of Northlake
Jean Campbell Jean Campbell was born in Tulsa, OK but came to Texas as soon as she could, where she completed a Masters in Tax Accounting at the University of North Texas. Jean was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2007 by Denton County and serves with enthusiasm. As a Board Member, Jean chairs the Committee for Watershed Protection and serves on the Finance Committee. She is proud of her four daughters, eleven grandchildren, and six great grandchildren, all of whom live in Texas. Jean served in the 26th Congressional District Office for over 18 years - - plus 8 years in various government affairs positions. She worked extensively with Majority Leader Dick Armey. Though now retired, she continues to be active in the community and home owners association. , Denton County At-Large
Alan Guard Alan Guard , City of Pilot Point
Kristina Clark Kristina Clark , DCFWSD #1A (Castle Hills)
Mike Anderson Mike Anderson , Town of Ponder
Kevin Mercer Kevin Mercer is Past President of the Upper Trinity Board of Directors. He grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, graduated from North Side High School and received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1984. Kevin worked in the building design industry for 5 years before finding his calling for the past 22 years in municipal government and water utility management. He and his wife are outdoor enthusiasts - - competitive in racing motorcycles, expert in growing orchids, and devoted to “being on the lake.” Kevin is General Manager of utility systems for Lantana, overseeing the development of this master-planned community. Kevin is a big supporter of Upper Trinity’s watershed protection program, holding to high standards at Lantana. , DCFWSD #7 (Lantana)
Frank Jaromin Frank Jaromin was appointed to the Board of Directors in June 2015. He has a Bachelor of Science degree (Civil Engineering) from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, and is a Licensed Professional Engineer. Frank serves as the Director of Public Works for Town of Prosper, and has achieved a distinguished career as an engineer, working both in the private and public sectors: in heavy construction - - as a consulting engineering, followed by some 20 years in public service. Frank’s progressive career in municipal government includes the City of Frisco, serving as City Engineer, and most recently, heading up the Public Works Department for the Town of Prosper. Of special note, Frank has been active in civic affairs: the Collin County Arts Center…the task force for Eldorado Parkway and Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge…and, as Mayor for the Town of Lakewood Village.  , Town of Prosper
Dick Cook Dick Cook is a 29 year resident of Double Oak, after serving as lieutenant in the United States Navy. He retired from Motorola, Inc. as Director, Headquarters Operations, completing a 22-year career in the computer service industry. Dick has served the Town of Double Oak in various positions, including Town Treasurer, Town Council member - - and nearly nine years as Mayor, and currently holds an honorary appointment as Mayor Emeritus. Dick is father to four children, has five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and was appointed to the Upper Trinity Board in July 2012. , Town of Double Oak
Alina Ciocan Alina Ciocan, City of Sanger
Clay Riggs Clay Riggs , Town of Flower Mound



Past Presidents
Appointed By
Years Served
Steven L. Bacchus* City of Lewisville
Austin D. Adams City of Highland Village
James A. Karlovich City of Justin
Tom Harpool City of Aubrey
Richard A. Huckaby DCFWSD #1A
Johnny D. Harris Lake Cities MUA
Blake L. English Denton County At-Large
Richard A. Lubke City of Highland Village
Oscar Burchard Town of Double Oak
Antonio B. Romo City of Carrollton
Sandy Cash City of Irving
Kevin Mercer DCFWSD #7
Timothy S. Fisher
City of Denton
Todd Madison Town of Lincoln Park
Lance Vanzant
City of Celina
* Upper Trinity Municipal Water Authority, Inc.