Upper Trinity
Regional Water District

900 North Kealy Street
P.O. Box 305
Lewisville, Texas 75067
(972) 219-1228

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Meetings of the Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors of Upper Trinity Regional Water District hold regular meetings, typically on the first Thursday of each month. Normally, the meeting starts at 1:00 PM. Residents have an opportunity to speak to the Board of Directors regarding items on the agenda during a period at the beginning of each meeting. In addition, residents may speak on other items at the end of the meeting.

The official agenda for each meeting of the Board of Directors is posted at the Denton County Courthouse and at the Offices of the District. The electronic copy contained herein is provided for general information only. In the event of a discrepancy between the electronic version and the posted agenda, the posted agenda shall prevail.





THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2019 AT 12:30 P.M.


900 N. KEALY


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there will be a Board Meeting of the Upper Trinity Regional Water District at the above date, time, and location. The matters to be considered and acted
upon at the Board Meeting are set forth below:

12:30 P.M.
WORK SESSION - - To discuss agenda items and related matters of interest to the Board of Directors.

  1. Staff Briefing regarding Proposed Personnel Policies

12:30 P.M.

  1. Call to Order
  3. Roll Call and confirm Quorum

  4. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

  5. Opening Remarks:

A. President’s Remarks concerning current events, conduct of the meeting, posted agenda items, committee assignments, and related matters.

B.  Executive Director’s Status Report about legislation and regulatory matters, about budgets, current projects and on-going programs of the District, including: the Regional Water System, Water Resource Development, Regional Water Reclamation Systems, Watershed Protection and Water Conservation.

C.  Presentations about awards, recognitions, achievements, etc. of the District, Board Members, Member Entities and Staff.

  1. Visitor Comments Concerning Agenda Topics. (Residents who desire to address the Board must complete a Speaker’s Request Form and return it to the Board Secretary. Each speaker will be limited to three (3) minutes per agenda topic. To enable the conduct of business and to allow all topics to be covered, the President may limit the number of speakers per agenda item.)


  1. Adopt minutes of November 7, 2019 Board Meeting.

  2. Accept Quarterly Investment Report for the period ended September 30, 2019.

  3. Accept “Annual Review” of the District’s Investment Policy.

  4. Receive report of construction change orders approved by staff.

  5. Authorize advertising for construction bids for upsizing and relocating 18-inch water pipeline along FM 2181.

  6. Consider adoption of policies concerning:

    1. Catastrophic Leave Donation Policy
    2. Smoke and Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy

* Any Board Member may request an item on the Consent Agenda to be taken up for individual consideration.



  1. Consider a Resolution authorizing Executive Director to accept and execute a Permit issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act for the Lake Ralph Hall Project. (Weighted Capital Vote)

  2. Consider approval of professional services contracts for the development of Lake Ralph Hall:(Weighted Capital Vote)

    1. Task Order 2 for an existing contract with CH2MHILL Engineers Inc. (Jacobs) for engineering services to support the procurement of a Design-Builder for the Lake Ralph Hall Roadway Relocations.
    2. Contract and Task Order 1 with HDR Engineering, Inc. (HDR) for design and construction phase services relating to groundwater well construction to support the construction of Lake Ralph Hall.

  3. Consider Resolution authorizing acceptance of completed work, approval of final change order, final payment and release of retainage for Construction Manager at Risk Contract awarded to Archer Western Construction, LLC for Riverbend Water Reclamation Plant Expansion.(Weighted Capital Vote)

  4. Authorize the Executive Director to enter into pricing agreements for Materials Testing with the following firms: (Weighted Capital Vote)

    1. Alpha Testing, Inc.
    2. East Texas Testing Laboratory, Inc.
    3. Fugro USA Land, Inc.
    4. Giles Engineering Associates, Inc.
  5. Consider authorizing Staff to file an “Abridged Application” with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) for financial assistance for the Lake Ralph Hall Project.

  6. Executive Session concerning granting or acquisition of easements, rights-of-way and other property for Water Resource Development or for Regional Treated Water System, pursuant to Texas Government Code, Section 551.072, according to location maps of the projects available in the District Office; and regarding water rights and related permits; for discussion of security matters pursuant to Texas Government Code, Section 551.076; and, regarding General Counsel and Executive Director’s review of legal implications for the relocation of a District water pipeline; and, regarding potential lawsuit related to construction projects; and, meeting with legal counsel pursuant to Texas Government Code, Section 551.071, relative to a matter in which the attorney is required under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct to convey advice in Executive Session.

  7. Consider action on property matters, some of which may have been discussed in Executive Session. (Weighted Capital Vote)

  8. Review potential agenda items, activities and announcements for future Board meetings.

  9. Visitor Comments Concerning Non-Agenda Topics. (Residents who desire to address the Board must complete a Speaker’s Request Form and return it to the Board Secretary. Each speaker will be limited to three (3) minutes. To provide all visitors an opportunity to speak, the President may request speakers to avoid repetitious remarks. In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Members of the Board are not authorized to discuss items not on the posted agenda.)

  10. Adjournment.