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UTRWD Educational Tours and Presentations

Teachers, want to encourage your students to conserve? We can provide educational tours/presentations for your students of our:

  • Taylor Regional Water Treatment Plant
  • Nancy Tam Water Wise Garden
  • Stream Erosion Trailer
  • Rainfall Simulator/Enviroscape Watershed Model

Our presentations and demonstrations can cover a variety of water-related topics, including water conservation, stormwater pollution, stream/greenbelt protection and careers in the water industry. Upper Trinity Regional Water District may also be able to bring these demonstrations to your school and present them to your students.

Learn more about our education resources.

To schedule a plant tour or presentation, please contact Blake Alldredge at 972.219.1228 or mail@utrwd.com.

Upper Trinity created a Story Map website, ‘Being Water Wise in North Texas,’ to serve as a teaching tool and resource hub for water and watershed science educational material for teachers, parents and students in North Texas. The Story Map includes videos and links to other resources to further students’ understanding of water related topics. Visit our Story Map and start learning!

Upper Trinity partnered with the University of North Texas to develop new lesson plans covering streamflow dynamics, identifying macroinvertebrates in streams, and comparing the water use of native plants vs. non-native plants. Each lesson plan is accompanied by a field guide and video. These lesson plans are available for free to teachers and can be requested below.

Already-prepared Conservation Materials

If you don’t have an opportunity to do a UTRWD tour or presentation, you can also share conservation tips with already-prepared materials from: