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Residents work very hard to make their landscape look great – – improving soil, selecting the right plants, fertilizing their lawn and gardens, and checking the sprinkler system. Knowing the best way to create and manage a sustainable, water saving landscape may not be an easy task.

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During the summer, 50-80% of all our water is used outdoors.

This means that conserving outside can add up to significant water savings. Not only does this save you money, but it also ensures that our region will have the water it needs for years to come.

Want more information on plant selection, efficient and cost effective ways on watering your lawn or proper sprinkler maintenance? Check out Water Efficient Lawn & Garden Care for North Texas brochure!

How You Can Help

It is possible to have a healthy landscape and save water. In fact, many plants grow better when they receive just the right amount of water. Below are some simple tips for saving money and water when caring for your landscape. You can also request an irrigation system evaluation. Also, check out upcoming events to learn more about the topics below and have your questions answered.

Know When to Water:

  • Irrigate only when needed, and no more than twice per week (helps your lawn grow a deeper, healthier root system). For more information on when and how much to water, sign up for Water My Yard recommendations. It’s like a watering calculator for your lawn.
  • Water before 10 am or after 6 pm. In fact, it’s best to water early in the morning (3am – 6am) when it’s cooler outside to prevent evaporation. Plus, many communities do not allow watering with automatic sprinkler systems between 10am and 6pm.
Trinity graphic to water before 10 am or after 6 pm
  • Get to know your irrigation controller and the other parts of your irrigation system. Consider using a WaterSense labelled controller to water more efficiently.
  • Install a rain and freeze sensor to prevent unnecessary watering. Here’s how.
  • Watering during the fall and winter is generally not needed except to maintain soil moisture during the unusually dry periods. Turn your controller off to prevent sprinklers from running automatically. Learn more.
Trinity says to turn sprinklers off for the winter

Cycle and Soak:

  • Running sprinklers too long leads to water waste. Use the ‘Cycle and Soak’ irrigation method to prevent water from running off your yard. Find runtime recommendations by sprinkler type on the Water My Yard page.

Maintain your Irrigation System:

  • Check your irrigation system at least monthly to make sure it is running efficiently and fix it when necessary. Here’s how.
Trinity encouraging sprinkler maintenance
  • Water the yard, not the street! Homeowners can easily make small repairs and adjustments to sprinklers to prevent water waste. The videos below show how to make these quick and easy fixes

How to Check for Leaks in Your Sprinkler SystemIReplacing an Irrigation System Spray HeadIReplacing an Irrigation System Spray Nozzle


Drip Irrigation:

  • Drip irrigation is the most efficient method to irrigate landscapes. Water trees, foundations, gardens and flower beds properly with soaker hoses or drip irrigation, not your sprinklers.
  • It’s a good idea to convert sprinklers in flower bed and garden areas to drip irrigation. Here’s how.
Trinity using drip irrigation

Rain Barrels:

  • Use a rain barrel to catch rain to use instead of tap water whenever possible.

Plant Native:

Choose native and adapted plants suited for our North Texas climate. If you need some help choosing, visit Our Conservation Garden page for suggestions. Here are a few additional tips to help maintain a healthy landscape:


  • Use 2″-4″ of wood mulch (not rubber) in gardens and flower beds to hold in soil moisture and reduce weed competition.
  • Set the mower at the highest setting for healthy grass and to hold moisture in the soil longer.
Trinity plant native graphic

Teaching Students to Save

Teachers, want to encourage your students to conserve? We can provide educational tours of the Taylor Regional Water Treatment Plant and the Nancy Tam Water Wise Garden for your students. Check out our Teacher Resources.