Our Water System

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In 1989, our founders recognized the need for a regional water system that could collect and store sufficient drinking water for our region.

Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD)’s regional treated water system (which began delivery one decade later) was their solution. By connecting reservoirs and collaborating on water strategies, we help our region withstand temporary, local water shortages and plan for the future.

North Texas is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. UTRWD currently delivers fresh, clean and dependable drinking water to 29 cities, towns and utilities. They, in turn, deliver our water to over 340,000 people across Denton and Collin counties, an area that is expected to grow fivefold by 2070. On average, our team of over 25 water operators help treat and deliver around 35 million gallons of water per day, or just under 13 billion gallons of water per year. In 2021, UTRWD treated and distributed over 12 billion gallons with a single day maximum of 66 million gallons on August 12, 2021. UTRWD treated and distributed 79 million gallons on July 4, 2022 — an all-time high.

The Castle Hills community in Lewisville also uses treated effluent (reuse) to irrigate their golf course. We are currently designing and developing an additional water supply lake and exploring other local resources to meet the future needs of our growing area. Learn more about the new Lake Ralph Hall.

To treat and transport our water, we rely on:

Together, these pieces of the system collect, treat, transfer and deliver clean water to our members. Through each of these steps, UTRWD uses state-of-the-art technology and processes. Our goal is to provide high quality drinking water, and we pride ourselves in producing water that consistently exceeds traditional state and federal water quality requirements.

To learn more about UTRWD’s water treatment process, check out this interactive graphic.