Wastewater Treatment

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Proper wastewater treatment is essential to the public health and safety of our region.

Our water reclamation plants use a multi-step physical, chemical and biological treatment processes to treat wastewater to safe levels before it is returned to our local rivers and lakes. UTRWD’s team of around 20 wastewater operators work together to make sure our system runs smoothly.

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The solid materials removed during treatment are processed through a belt press or centrifuge to remove excess water before being transported in a covered truck to the landfill.


Incorporated during the treatment process to be a good neighbor to the surrounding community.

Our award-winning water reclamation system consists of four major treatment plants:

  • Lakeview Regional Water Reclamation Plant
    • Located in the City of Lake Dallas in Denton County, is an award-winning plant that provides wastewater treatment for all or a portion of the following nine communities: Town of Bartonville, City of Corinth, Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No. 7 (Lantana), Town of Double Oak, Town of Hickory Creek, City of Highland Village, City of Lake Dallas, Town of Shady Shores and a portion of unincorporated Denton County. The original Lakeview Plant was purchased from the Lake Cities Municipal Utilities Authority in 1996. Today, the plant is a 5.5 million-gallons-per-day (MGD) advanced treatment facility.
  • The Northeast Water Reclamation System
    • Includes the Riverbend, Peninsula, and Doe Branch Water Reclamation Plants.
  • Riverbend Plant
    • Can process up to 4.0 MGD and was originally constructed in 2003. The award-winning plant provides wastewater treatment for Mustang Special Utility District, the Town of Providence Village and Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No. 8 & 11 (Paloma Creek).
  • Peninsula Plant
    • Began service in 2003 and provides wastewater treatment for the City of Oak Point and the Mustang Special Utility District. This award-winning plant can treat up to 0.94 MGD and is currently under construction to increase its capacity to 2.0 MGD.
  • Doe Branch Plant
    • Located near Savannah, and was originally constructed and placed in service in 2016. Currently rated at 4.0 MGD, the award-winning Doe Branch Plant provides wastewater treatment for the City of Celina, Town of Prosper, Mustang Special Utility District, and Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No. 10 (Savannah, Artesia, Arrowbrooke). Design work has begun to increase the capacity of Doe Branch to 8.0 MGD.

In addition to our plants, we have approximately 22 miles of wastewater pipeline. Some of these are force mains (pressurized to move wastewater) and some flow naturally with gravity. We also operate 7 lift stations to move the wastewater to treatment.