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Don’t Water At All Y’all

It’s winter in North Texas! The grass, trees and other plants in your yard are dormant, so there is no need to irrigate during this time of year. By simply turning sprinkler controllers to the ‘OFF’ position, you can save water like a Texas hero!

Plus, North Texas has been in a drought and conditions can worsen at any time, which is why conservation is so important. Help us save water now to keep our lakes going strong all year long.

Learn more about current drought conditions:

Scroll down for additional water-saving tips for the summer.

It’s estimated that half of that water may be wasted due to poorly designed and maintained irrigation systems or watering at the wrong time of the day or for too long. Remember, yards are tougher in Texas!

Give these water-saving tips a try, and you’ll be a real Texas hero:

  • Prepare your sprinklers & home for winter: Turning off sprinklers during the fall and winter months prevents unnecessary watering and reduces the risk of lawn diseases. Winterizing your irrigation system and outdoor faucets and pipes can prevent damage from freezing temperatures leading to costly repairs. Check out our Winter Weatherization page for more tips to prepare for the winter.
  • Sign up for weekly watering tips: You might be watering more than your grass needs. The Water My Yard program recommends the amount of supplemental water needed to maintain a healthy lawn each week based on current local weather conditions. Consider it a custom watering plan!
  • Do the Texas Two-Step and play Texas Hold ‘em: During the summer, water no more than two days a week and only before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. Hold off watering after it’s rained or when rain is in the forecast, as well as during windy conditions. This is backed up by research from turfgrass experts at Texas A&M, as seen here and in this infographic.
  • Check and update your sprinklers: Regularly check your sprinklers for leaks, broken heads or heads spraying on hard surfaces (patios, driveways). Updating your irrigation system to efficiency rotary sprinklers is also easy and has Texas Big savings for water and money. See irrigation tips here.
  • Play Texas hold’em – only water when it’s needed: Avoid watering when raining – turn off sprinklers when rain or wind are forecasted. An easy way to see if your lawn needs water is to insert a soil moisture gauge or a long screwdriver into the soil. If the screwdriver easily inserts into the soil, like a toothpick into a cake, your lawn does not need watering. If it’s hard to push in the soil, it’s time to water.
  • Cycle and soak: This method of watering helps water go deeper into the roots which is better for the plants. Water in shorter cycles (5-6 minutes each) and wait one hour between each cycle.
  • Add a smart controller: Consider upgrading to an EPA WaterSense labeled smart controller for improved watering efficiency.
  • Install drip irrigation: Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to apply water to landscapes. Use drip irrigation or soaker hoses to water flower beds, gardens, young trees and your home’s foundation.
  • Think ahead: select the right plant for the right place: Texas native plants need less water and do better in local growing conditions. Group plants with similar water needs in the same location to help avoid overwatering. Soil amendments (compost and mulch) retain water in the soil and improve plant health.
  • Learn about Water Efficient Lawn & Garden Care for North Texas: Check out all the best outdoor water-saving tips in one convenient guide.

The 29 communities Upper Trinity serves are projected to grow nearly fivefold by 2070. To meet future needs, Upper Trinity is relying on conservation as part of its plan. If we all do our part, we can stretch our limited water supplies further. So, Water Less, Y’all!